1. Sakura season in Japan is and was everything I expected and more. 2 weeks of friends and family gathering in parks or wherever there are cherry blossoms to drink eat and just get as far away from work life as possible. This year I was able to hit up both Ueno and Meguro, the most famous cherry blossom spots in Tokyo, but I have to say that my favorite was my current hometown Hikarigaoka park (above pics). Till next season. April 2013

  2. Asakusa/Sensoji/Skytree tourist trip with Phil Lee and Kaori. 6/15/2013

  3. What did we do to celebrate cinco de mayo?…. we went to a cinco de mayo festival and ate takoyaki and yakisoba. 

  4. Kawaguchiko cabin trip/ Mitsutoge hike May 2013.

    Finally getting away from the hustle and bustle that is Tokyo and getting out with some of the best friends. Day one was quite 和風 (japanese style) with a tea ceremony with 15 year old water and a night at the onsen. Day 2 was the 6.5 hour hike up Mitsutoge Mountain that ended up becoming a 8 hour night hike that ended with a rescue operation. Our savior being a old japanese man in a miniature pickup truck who happened to be on his way home after a day of chopping trees. Old friends, new friends, hiking and a 9000 yen 7/11 run. All in all it was just what i needed. 

  5. 久しぶり!Long overdue but Im finally back to posting some of my pictures. Its been a hectic 9 months since the move to Japan but im finally feeling a little settled in. Here’s to a new home. どうぞ、よろしく。

  6. climb to the sky 

  7. chalking up 

  8. heel hooking in malibu creek california

  9. life-line

  12. i love rock climbing 

  13. sport climbing in malibu state park

  14. diy origami flower bouquets 

  15. homemade tempura-tamago don.